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Idaho's Only Seaport
Printing Center
Printing at the Library
At the Lewiston City Library you can print or make copies of documents, photos, boarding passes, webpages, and more from our library computers. You can also send a mobile print request from your cell phone, tablet, or home computer and come to the library to pick it up. Print jobs can be picked up at the printer stations on the first or second floor. 

*Patrons are responsible for all copied and printed pages.

Photocopies: $0.10 per page.
  • Reference Materials: The first three photocopied pages of reference materials are free and $0.10 per page, thereafter.

Computer Printouts
: To avoid costs for unwanted pages, previewing before printing is recommended.
  • Black & White: $0.10 per page.
  • Color: $0.50 per page.

Things to remember:
  • Tax is charged on all transactions. 
  • We accept cash and checks, but are unable to process debit and credit cards.
  • Prints must be picked up within 72 hours of sending a request.

Mobile Printing
There are three ways to send a mobile print request. 

Print from our Mobile Print Website:

1. Click HERE to access our Mobile Print Terminal.
2. Select a printer. Your choices include:
- 1st or 2nd floor printers
- Black & White or Color
- Single sided or Double sided
3. Enter your email address.
4. Select the file or URL you wish to print.
5. Click the "next" arrow. 
6. Enter the number of copies and select the pages you wish to print.
7. Click the "next" arrow.
8. Review the number of pages and pricing information.
9. Click the green "printer" button to send the print request.
10. All Done!! Head to the Library to pick up your prints.

Forward from your email account:

You can send a print request directly from your email to our printers! Each of our printers has a designated email address where you can forward an email or attachment. This method sends a print request for the body of the email and a separate print request for any attachment. You can only send one attachment per email. 

Printer Addresses: 
  • 1st Floor, Black & White: 
  • 1st Floor, Color: 
  • 2nd Floor, Black & White:   
  • 2nd Floor, Color: 

Download the Mobile Print App!

PrinterOn has an app that you can download to print from your phone or tablet. Choose from the links below to find the app for your device.

Download the iOS Printing appHERE

Download the Android Printing appHERE

Picking up your print:

You can pick up your prints using the print release terminals found next to the printers on the first and second floor. To access your prints:
  • Enter the same email address that you used to send the request. 
  • Preview the document before printing.
  • Use the coin dispenser to pay for your prints or ask for assistance with larger bills.

 For more information or questions, please contact us at 208-798-2525 or .