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Lewis & Clark Discovery Collection
Bear clawLewis & Clark Discovery Collection Trunks
An educational resource for students, youth groups, or anyone wanting to explore the epic journey of the Voyage of Discovery, the Lewis and Clark collection is a series of nine trunks separated thematically to reflect nine different aspects of the expedition.

The Nine Trunks
  • Animal Parts: Hides, antlers, dung from various wildlife encountered during the Expedition
  • Native American Artifact Replicas: Replicas of Native American artifacts
  • Captain Clark's Trunk: Trade goods and navigation equipment
  • Private Shannon and Everyday Military Life: Items used for everyday survival
  • Botanicals Trunk: Plants samples gathered along the journey
  • Medicine and Chemicals: Medical instruments and chemicals
  • Patrick Gass Woodworking Tools
  • John Shields Metalworking Tools
  • Food Provisions Trunk

Reserving the Trunks
  • Two business days notice is required. Call the library at (208) 798-2525 or email us.
  • Trunks can be picked up at the library or shipped to outlying areas at borrower's expense.
  • No deposit is required and no fee is charged for use of the trunks.
  • The borrower is responsible for damages or lost items.
  • A library staff member will come to present the trunks if given sufficient notice.