Mission Statement

The mission of the Lewiston City Library is to provide the people of Lewiston with free and open access to knowledge, ideas and information and to support them in their pursuit of learning.

Vision Statement

The Lewiston City Library is recognized and valued by all community members as:
  • A manifestation of the belief that learning and liberty are inseparable and that a democratic people must have free, equal and open access to information.
  • A gateway to life-long learning, with materials, services and programs that meet the changing needs of a diverse population.
  • A comfortable, inviting facility that encourages patrons to ask questions, promotes innovative programming and is supportive of changes in library technology.
  • An access point to a global world of information, beyond the limitations of geography and floor space.
  • An organization of dynamic staff members who are recognized for their excellent service.
  • A civic-minded center that enhances the quality of life of Lewiston’s residents by collaborating with regional libraries and forming partnerships with other agencies.
  • A fiscally responsible entity that provides services in a cost-effective and efficient manner.
Lewiston City Library Logo