Ambulance Billing

Representatives of the Ambulance Billing Office are available for questions and to accept payments during office hours.

Important Information

In order for your ambulance transport to be covered under insurance, ambulance services must be medically necessary and reasonable. What does this mean?

  • Medical necessity is established when the patient’s condition is such that use of any other method of transportation is contraindicated.
  • In any case in which some means of transportation other than an ambulance could be used without endangering the individual’s health, whether or not such other transportation is actually available, no payment may be made for ambulance services.
  • Payment is based on the level of service furnished (provided they were medically necessary), not simply on the vehicle used.
  • The term "bed confined" is not synonymous with "bed rest" or "nonambulatory". Bed-confinement, by itself, is neither sufficient nor is it necessary to determine the coverage for Medicare ambulance benefits.
  • It is important to note that neither the presence nor absence of a signed physician’s order for an ambulance transport necessarily proves (or disproves) whether the transport was medically necessary.
  • The ambulance service must meet all program coverage criteria in order for the payment to be made.