City Attorney


The Office of the City Attorney is the legal advisor for the City of Lewiston. Pursuant to Idaho Code, the City Attorney is appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council. The office provides legal services to the: 

  • Mayor
  • City Council
  • Department Directors
  • City Employees
  • City Boards and Commissions

The City Attorney’s Office handles all civil matters and prosecutes City Code violations. The City contracts with Nez Perce County for all other criminal prosecution services.


To be a model public service law office in Idaho, known for its quality legal work, exceptional customer service, and stewardship of the public trust and resources.


To provide accurate, objective, ethical, timely, and cost-effective legal advice and advocacy in support of the City’s policy goals and to ensure that official actions of the City, its elected officials and employees comply with the law.


  • Be Good Stewards of Public Resources
  • Provide Quality Legal Services
  • Revise the Lewiston City Code
  • Strive to Ensure the City Complies with the Law

A Message From the City Attorney

As a Lewiston native, it is an honor to serve our community as the Lewiston City Attorney. The City Attorney’s Office has dedicated attorneys and professional staff who work diligently to provide quality legal services. The City Attorney’s Office is dedicated to providing competent legal advice, promoting public trust and cooperation, using public resources wisely, and improving our community. We look forward to working on your behalf for the good of our city.


Jana B. Gomez SignatureJana B. Gómez
City Attorney