Director's Message

Lewiston Parks and Recreation is committed to enhancing the quality of life for Valley residents and playing a significant role in shaping the character of the City through preeminent parks and recreation. The Department manages 180 developed acres of park land including 26 parks with unique playgrounds, athletic fields, two seasonal outdoor pools, water features, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible trails, recreation center, regional skatepark, pump track, championship golf course, pickleball, tennis and basketball courts and historic cemetery and arboretum.

By creating a sense of place, parks and recreation services in Lewiston provide critical connections for residents through the natural environment, recreational pursuits, historic appreciation, and social and cultural events. This sense of place shapes the cohesive fabric of vision, values and identity of the community while promoting an active lifestyle for all ages. Lewiston Parks and Recreation meets the needs of today’s residents without sacrificing future generations by balancing environmental, economic, and equity concerns. The department enriches the lives of individuals, families, inter-generational groups and the entire community through positive and fulfilling recreational experiences. We proactively engage in continuous improvement as offerings become outdated or under-utilized, while collaborating with other service providers to achieve balanced availability of programs and facilities.

The Lewiston Parks and Recreation system is a premier destination that welcomes and captivates residents and visitors alike. The park system and its beauty are part of our daily life and shape the character of the City which truly enhances our quality of life. Residents are informed and involved in shaping the future of the park and recreation system and its value to their lives. Our future is bright and we are excited to be able to show you the great things that are to come in our community!

Parks and Recreation Director, CPRP

Tim Barker