Street Sweeping

Designated Street Sweeping Schedule

The Street Sweeping activity is a function of the City of Lewiston Public Works Department in the Street Maintenance Division. A schedule was developed to provide residents with an opportunity once a year to know when street sweeping will occur in their neighborhood, so they can remove their cars from the roadway in advance of the sweeping operation. Lewiston has been divided into thirty street sweeping areas. One day per week, a crew dedicated to sweeping one area of the city according to the schedule. View the map of the thirty sweeping areas and then check the schedule to see what day your area will be swept.

This does not mean your street will only be cleaned once per year. Our routine street sweeping operation will continue as usual on an as-needed basis. Some areas, particularly in the old Orchard area, should notice an increased frequency of sweeping activities.

Night Street Sweeping Schedule

Street sweeping of major corridors, bridges, and the downtown business district is performed on a monthly schedule every Thursday night between the hours of 11 pm to 6 am. View the maps of the Thursday sweeping areas to see which night these roads will be swept.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the Designated Street Sweeping Schedule, please email Jason Thompson, Street Maintenance Manager, or call 208-746-1316.