Idaho has a variety of State incentive programs, as well as local incentive programs to assist business start-up, business expansion, and business productivity.

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State Incentives

Local Incentives

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Local Incentives

State Incentives

The Idaho Business Advantage - Business Support

Businesses that invest a minimum of $500,000 in new facilities and create at least 10 new jobs averaging $40,000 annually, plus benefits, may qualify for a variety of incentives.

Qualifying companies receive:

  • An enhanced Investment Tax Credit of 3.75% up to $750,000 or 62.5% tax liability in any one year.
  • A new jobs tax credit starting at $1,500 and climbing to $3,000 per job.
  • A 2.5% real property improvement tax credit up to $125,000 in any one year along with a 25% rebate on sales tax paid on construction materials for the new facilities.
  • Upon request of the company respective county commissioners may also authorize a full or partial property tax exemption.

New Incentives

Businesses that make qualifying new investments may earn an income tax credit. This credit can be offset up to 50% of a company’s state income tax liability and may be carried forward up to 14 years.

Qualified Investment Exemption

This exemption may be applied in lieu of the investment tax credit. A two-year exemption from property tax on qualified personal property is available only if a loss was incurred in the second preceding year in which the property is placed in service. The loss must have been computed without regard to net operating loss carryover or carry back.

New Jobs Income Tax Credit

$1,000 Tax Credit

Businesses may earn a $1,000 tax credit for each additional employee added. New employees must work a minimum of 20 hours per week, make at least $15.50 an hour, and be eligible to receive employer-provided coverage under an accident or health plan. The credit may be carried forward up to three years

$500 Tax Credit

Businesses may earn a $500 tax credit for adding new jobs in the production, assembly, fabrication, manufacturing or processing of natural resources. This credit cannot be combined with the $1,000 new jobs credit.

Additional Information

For more information on business incentives, please visit the Idaho Department of Commerce website .

Avista Utilities Incentives - Commercial

Idaho Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs

Avista offers a variety of energy management tools and services for commercial and industrial customers in Idaho who receive retail electric and natural gas distribution from Avista. View a list of a few incentive programs available:

  • Demand Controlled Ventilation Incentive Program
  • EnergySmart Program for Grocers
  • Lighting Incentive Program
  • Natural Gas HVAC Program
  • Site-Specific Incentives
  • Windows and Insulation Program

Find out more information on these and other incentive programs available to businesses, by going to Avista Utilities website.