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The mission of the Lewiston Library Foundation is to increase philanthropic support for the Lewiston City Library by building partnerships which help the Library achieve and sustain its strategic goals to benefit our diverse community so every person can have access to valuable resources needed to succeed in life. The Foundation assists the library in attracting resources for long-term needs, primarily by raising money for improvements to the current library or the building of a larger library facility. The Foundation is able to accept donations of any size and to invest those assets in short or long-term investments. The Foundation has raised over $1,000,000 from citizens and businesses who care deeply about the future of library services in Lewiston.

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Current Project

Lewiston City Library Outdoor Rooftop Gallery

Construction of the Rooftop Gallery and Multipurpose Room has been in the works since the original design for the repurposed hardware building was developed by Castellaw and Kom Architects. Offering the public a green space with a view of the Clearwater River, the project also adds a multipurpose performance space and a covered outdoor area on the rooftop for reading, relaxing and visiting. In 2020, thanks to the Lewiston Library Foundation’s generous supporters and members the project will be actualized. Mangum Construction was chosen for completion of the project.

Lewiston Library Outdoor Roof Gallery

Construction Progress

Recently Completed Projects

Event Space Partition

Event Space Partition
Event Space Partition