Coed League

After the conclusion of Men’s and Women’s League Lewiston Parks & Recreation offers a coed league that takes place from July through September. 10 regular season games and a double elimination tournament.  Games take place at Sunset, Big Clearwater, or P1FCU/Hereth Park.   Games take place Monday-Thursday with game start times ranging from 6:30pm to 8:45pm and make up games taking place on Sunday afternoons.

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2023 Coed League Champions

League 1 Champ, Tap Room


League 2 Champ, C Squad


League 3A Champs, Misfits


League 3B Champs, Mad Hatters


League 4 Champ, Smack A Pitch

2022 League Champions

2022 Coed League 1 Champs
2022 Coed League 2A Champs
2022 Coed League 2B Champs
2022 Coed League 3 Champs
2022 Coed League 4 Champs

2021 League Champions

2021 Coed League 1 Champs
2021 Coed League 2A Champs
2021 Coed League 2B Champs
2021 Coed League 3 Champs
2021 Coed League 4A Champs
2021 Coed League 4B Champs

2020 League Champions

2020 Coed League 1 Champs
2020 Coed League 2 Champs
2020 Coed League 3a Champs
2020 Coed League 3b Champs