Ball Fields

Lewiston Parks & Recreation has baseball and softball fields available to rent for your next game or tournament. Ball field reservation are $35 a day for a basic rental (bases and no additional prep to the field) or $75 a day for a full prep (includes bases, dragged foul lines and batter boxes). Reservations must be made at least 7 days in advance, payments are due at time of reservation. An additional fee and extra 7 day notice is required for reservations needing alcohol permits. 

  • Additional fee for alcohol permit: 
    • Groups less than 100 people- $20
    • Groups from 100-249 people- $30
    • Groups from 250-500 people- $50

Adult Softball Fields

Lewiston P&R has an adult size softball fields at Hereth and Sunset Park (50’ home to front of pitching rubber/70’ base paths). Both fields have lights and scoreboard availability. 

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4-Plex Softball fields

Lewiston P&R has four softball fields available to rent at Airport Park. These softball fields are high school sized fields (43’ home to front of pitching rubber/60’ base paths). All fields have score boards availability. Lights are available on fields 1&2. 

Airport Field 1 Picture
  • Field Dimensions: 209’ x 222’ x 220’
Airport Field 3 Picture
  • Field Dimensions: 194’ x 200’ x 204’
Airport Field 2 Picture
  • Field Dimensions: 214’ x 216’ x 210’
Airport Field 4 Picture
  • Field Dimensions 205’ x 203’ x 203’

Adult Baseball Fields

Lewiston P&R has a full size baseball field at Airport and Clearwater Park (60’6" home to front of pitching rubber/90’ base paths). 

Airport BR Picture
  • Field Dimensions: 310’ x 350’ x 307’
Clearwater Field Picture

Youth Baseball Field

A youth baseball field at Pepsi and Clearwater park (46’ home to front of pitching rubber/60’ base paths).

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Pepsi Park Picture

Field Dimensions: 186’ x 170’