Gold Stone

514 Main Street


Goldstone Building   Built 1931


The original building on this lot was built in 1901 but burned in 1931. It was rebuilt with fire resistant materials such as steel girders and columns, a metal ceiling, a concrete dividing wall in the basement. It served as the Woolworth department store and the Fashion Boot shop for many years, and several small businesses have occupied it since then. In the 1860’s this side of Main Street was the site of the packing sheds where mules where housed, fed, and formed into trains which carried freight to mining districts of the Clearwater and Salmon regions.

Samuel Goldstone

Samuel Goldstone

Woolworth pre 1931

Woolworth's Department Store, pre 1931


Street scene winter of 1948, Woolworth's can be seen on the right

The Historic Preservation Commission would like to recognize and thank Dr. Steven Branting and the Nez Perce County Historical Society and Museum for the access to and contributions from their extensive archives for this project. Special thanks go to Commissioner Leah Boots for her countless hours of work to make this project a reality.


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