520-528 Main Street


Grostein Building       Built 1905


Built by Robert Grostein, Lewiston’s first Jewish resident. The building has contained many different businesses including clothing and hardware stores, a small roller-skating rink, boarding house, saloon, and a café. Extensive renovation in the 1930s changed the front, window style and pediment.  Later enterprises occupied the space such as Echternach Electrical Company, Harvey’s Ready-To-Wear and Gregson’s Shoes and Paulucci’s.

Robert Grostein 1890

Robert Grostein 1890

Robert Grostein 1906Robert Grostein 1906

Gregsons 526Gregson's Shoes

The Historic Preservation Commission would like to recognize and thank Dr. Steven Branting and the Nez Perce County Historical Society and Museum for the access to and contributions from their extensive archives for this project. Special thanks go to Commissioner Leah Boots for her countless hours of work to make this project a reality.


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