Roxie Theater

714 Main Street

Roxy Theater   Built 1912


Built by W. D. Buford of Pendleton, Oregon. This was the first building in Lewiston designed to be a theater. It was originally called the Theatorium, then the Granada and later the Roxy. Air conditioning for the theater was provided by an abandoned well shaft under the floor. As the Theatorium, it showed silent movies accompanied by a nine-piece orchestra. Hayden Mann was playing here in 1914, before he took his own band on tour. The Roxy was remodeled in 1952 to accommodate a new movie technique called Cinemascope that used a new type of lens, for shooting widescreen films that could be screened in theatres using existing equipment.

circa 1916

Circa 1916


Theatorium in the background during a parade Circa 1920

02-3-5 Arts, credit NPCHS

1923Circa 1923

1935Roxy Theater circa 1935

02-3-7 Credit NPCHS

02-3-14 Credit NPCHS

02-25-1 Roxy Credit NPCHS

Circa 1958

02-25-2 Roxy Credit NPCHS

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