Old City Hall

0207 3rd  Street

Old City Hall

Built in sections between 1909-1928

Former location of most of City of Lewiston’s government and services.

The police station and city jail in the basement were located here. For decades both men and women sentenced for misdemeanors spent their one to two month terms in a space lacking in privacy, sanitary conditions and ventilation. Each day they were marched around the corner for meals at the Raymond Café at 5th and Main Streets and then sent to work details around town. After eating another meal at the Raymond, prisoners returned to jail for the night.

Tank 1

Tank #1

Tank 2Tank #2

Fire alarms located in various locations in the city were routed here, and the department could sound the fire bell, the last one being moved from here to a scaffold at Pioneer Park in 1907 and used until 1928. The fire trucks were located in two bays at the north end of building. The hose drying tower and training facility at the northwest corner were added in 1939.

76-13-361 Lewiston Fire Department Equipment, credit NPCHS


Circa 1910

1912 (1)Circa 1912

1938Circa 1938

1944Circa 1944

Emery Epling (1)Emery T. Epling was a local architect and contractor with the firms of Justice & Epling and Sheehy and Epling. In 1909, Emery built the old Lewiston City Hall on Third Street.

fire 2

Lewiston Fire Department 86-19-1, credit NPCHS

Lewiston, City of 21-24-188, credit NPCHS

The Fire Dept. headquarters moved out in 1964. The city moved offices out in 1972, with the Police Dept. leaving in 1981.

The Historic Preservation Commission would like to recognize and thank Steven Branting and the Nez Perce County Historical Society and Museum for the access to and contributions from their extensive archives for this project. Special thanks go to Commissioner Leah Boots for her countless hours of work to make this project a reality.


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