Information Systems

Information Systems (IS) supports all City departments with the management, operation, and maintenance of information technology services.  The IS team is led by Director Dustin Spooner and has four other full time employees.  

Areas of focus include:

  • Network Resource Management: Ensures the availability and accessibility of network resources when and where needed, and actively seeks to correct any vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the services provided.
  • 24/7 Help Desk and Tech Support: Provides round-the-clock technical support to all City Departments, addressing issues promptly and efficiently.
  • Maintenance & Support of PCs and Laptops: Manages the upkeep, troubleshooting, and replacement of desktop computers and laptops used throughout the city.
  • Software Analysis, Implementation, & Support: Assists city departments in selecting the best and most cost-effective software solutions.  Analyzes, implements, and provides ongoing support for software applications used by city departments.
  • Internet Access and Wireless Management: Oversees internet connectivity and wireless services to ensure reliable and secure internet access for city operations.
  • User Permissions and Data Access Management: Manages user access rights to data and applications, ensuring data security and privacy.
  • Phone System Management, Including Cellular Services: Handles the city's phone system management, which includes cellular services for seamless communication.
  • Data Retention: Manages data retention policies and practices to ensure compliance and efficient data storage.
  • Security Camera Systems: Oversees the implementation, maintenance, and monitoring of security camera systems to enhance city safety.
  • Maintenance and Support of City Website: Supports city departments and staff with maintaining the city website. Provides a functional and user-friendly platform to provide information to residents and visitors.
  • Broadcasting and Streaming of City Meetings: Facilitates the broadcasting and streaming of city meetings to promote transparency and engagement with the public.
  • Email Services: Manages and maintains the city's email system to enable efficient communication across departments.
  • Project Management: Leads and oversees IT projects and coordinates with city departments, employees, and vendors to ensure successful execution and launch.