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Posted on: August 13, 2021

Minecraft: The School of Hard Blocks

Play Minecraft Here

Build, explore, and learn in the cube-shaped world of Minecraft, now available at the Lewiston City Library!

By Darin Garr, Lead Library Assistant

August 9, 2021

We have earth-shattering news for our patrons! The popular game Minecraft is now available to play on several computers at the Library! Patrons can log into Lab Computers 16 and 17 or Teen Macs 1 and 2 (upstairs), as well as Family Computer 1 and 2, all using either their library card or a guest pass. Minecraft is also available to play on the Nintendo Switch in the Game Room; simply ask to check out a controller with your library card at the Help Desk upstairs. There has never been a better time to experience this incredible game made for all ages!

For anyone unfamiliar with Minecraft, there are two ways to play. In ‘Creative’ Mode, you have infinite blocks and unlimited supplies; your only restriction is your imaginationCreative mode blurb. You can build a full-size castle complete with moat and drawbridge, recreate the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, or even make a self-portrait entirely out of blocks! Alternatively, by selecting ‘Survival’ Mode, you start the game with zero items; it’s up to you to acquire resources, farm for food, and fight off monsters! Both can be played alone in Single-Player or together with others in Multiplayer. 

Even though Minecraft is a computer game, there is a wealth of science behind it. Mining uncovers all kinds of real-life materials such as Andesite, Diorite, Obsidian, even composites like Gravel and Sandstone. Valuable ores like Gold are only found at certain depths or in specific environments same as Earth, such as the elusive Diamond found far below the surface around areas of volcanic activity. There is even an animal population in Minecraft, and their behavior is identical to their real-world counterparts. Sea turtles swim all the way back to the shore where they were born to lay eggs. Dolphins travel together in pods and will swim with you in the ocean, and bees are calmed with smoke while you harvest their honey!

However, the most amazing fun to be done in Minecraft is with a little resource called ‘Redstone.’ By connecting Redstone Dust to any device, it works like an electric circuit. Need a Minecart that moves on its own? Make a Powered Rail out of Redstone. Want a light source that turns off when you leave the room? Make a Redstone Lamp and connect it to a pressure plate. Redstone leads to endless opportunities for experimentation and is the icing on this amazing cake, but it can feel complicated at first. For further reading on how to use Redstone or use Minecraft on a more technical level, there are several books available through our Library Catalog.

People of all ages can use our computers or game consoles to experience Minecraft, but it doesn’t end there. We also have over 40 Minecraft books at our Library alone, everything from tutorials and Fiction series to instructions for coding and graphic novels! We even have Minecraft: Dungeons for PlayStation 4 available for checkout, so you can fight your favorite monsters at home! Our motto at Lewiston City Library is ‘Discover, Explore, Grow’ and one of the best ways to do that is to come down to the library, grab a pickaxe, and experience Minecraft for yourself.

Feel like you’ve done everything you can in Minecraft? Here are some things you can do to prove your skills and maybe try new things! This list goes from easiest to hardest!

  1. Craft a block of coal
  2. Use shears to get mushrooms from a Mooshroom
  3. Find a shipwreck
  4. Use dripstone to fill a cauldron with lava
  5. Cook 20 pieces of kelp using a bundle of dried kelp
  6. Bring a snow golem to life
  7. Cure a zombie villager
  8. Get a music disc from a skeleton killing a creeper
  9. Enchant a helmet with Protection III, Unbreaking III, Respiration III, Aqua Affinity I, and Mending I (in any order)
  10. Create and defeat a Wither!

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