Where are transit services provided?
  • Lewiston’s East Route - Covers the east side downtown, East Lewiston, and the east side of the Orchards. It connects with the PTBA (Clarkston and Asotin) and The Appaloosa Express Transit Systems at the Lewiston Community Center.
  • Lewiston’s West Route - Covers the west side of downtown and up into the west side of the Orchards including the airport. It connects with the East Route at Winco every 30 minutes.
  • To Clarkston and Asotin, WA - We connect hourly with Asotin County PTBA bus system (Blue Line) at the Lewiston Community Center to take riders to Clarkston and Asotin.
  • To Orofino, ID and beyond - We connect with Appaloosa Express Transit at stops in North Lewiston and the Lewiston Community Center daily to take people to:
    • Greer
    • Kamiah
    • Kooskia
    • Lapwai
    • Lenore
    • Orofino

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8. Where are transit services provided?
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