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Community Development

  1. CDBG Public Comment Form

    CDBG Public Comment Form



    Use this form to request station tours, ambulance/EMT standby, fire extinguisher training, safety education, vehicle display and... More…


  1. 3D Print Request Form

    Use this form to submit a request for the library to print a 3D object for you.

  2. ILL Request Form

    Use this form to request an Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

  1. HomeBound Service Application

    This application is for consideration in the HomeBound Service.

  2. Reference Request Form

    Use this form to submit a reference question to the library.


  1. Citizen Report Form

    Online crime reporting

  2. Traffic Enforcement Request

    Please use this form to request for extra patrols for traffic concerns.

  1. Parking Citation Dispute Form

    Use this form to dispute parking citations you have received.

Public Works

  1. Application for Backflow Assembly Testing Within the City of Lewiston Water District (PDF)


  2. Traffic Request Form

    This form is used to submit a request for some type of traffic control service such as a sign, a traffic study about an issue or... More…

  1. Stormwater Master Plan | CIP Comment Form
  2. Transportation Capital Improvement Plan | Project Comment Form